All good things come to an end.

Crochte gallery in the Eastgate is now closed. It has been the longest 6 months off my life.

Don’t get me wrong I have really enjoyed it and learnt so so much, but because my partner ‘failed’ I was there 7 days a week for 5 of the 6 months. I was also updating the website ( every 2 weeks) creating all the posters, all the admin blah blah boring blah. Which took me from 6pm til past midnight because I am not a techy whiz.

To moan even further there was no toilet in the unit and so I had to wait for someone I knew to call along. Yes sometimes I just had to put the shutter down and run. Inevitably someone would come at that point and then days later have a pop at me for not being there which would make me feel terrible.

Even though I would leave a note on the door stating ‘ Sorry. Toilet break ( or similar) back @ 13.20. and the date’  I would put the time rather than back in 5 mins as I hate that…5 mins from when?  People would still insist I wasn’t there @blah…. making me feel unprofessional even though I knew I was back 5 mins before the note time. ARG. There really is no pleasing some people.

These pictures show what the unit looked like before we took it over and then how we made it look with artists amazing work.

I am really going to miss working with these fantastic artists and makers.


New website launch

Wow. What a couple of days. My eyes are going square.

I have just launched the Speed Crafting website. and it was a breeze due to the very easy to us spanglefish templates. if you are thinking of having your first website then why not give this a try…it really is brilliant for those not confident with that sort of thing and it is VERY easy to update yourself.

You can have a shop which is SUPER easy to change and events on a calendar which people can book and pay for using PAYPAL…..whats not to love?

why not pop over to mine and see? Click the calendar, the date of event and notice the paypal button top right…

I have an all things Speed crafting blog too….


Speed Crafting

I am very excited as we are about to have our first speed crafting event in HUNG.

It will be on the 21st of August at 10am until 1pm. £35. It includes beautiful soup from the Rondevue cafe and a sandwich. Tea/coffee.

There will be 6 local artist/makers teaching 6 crafts.

There will be a lot off fun and cake.

I am really looking forward to it.

What is going on in your neck of the woods?

HUNG – is open

Well finally ‘Hung’ is open. We are not quite ready yet, but we had to open. We were putting it off for this reason and that. I was getting fed up of the ever-moving opening date, so I can’t imagine what it was like for artists etc who were putting in work.

So this is our front door. The sign lights up., but there is a transformer issue.

This is taken looking down from the stairs. Kev built the spidery light… necessity is the mother of all invention and this is proof of that.

The exhibition is of Craig Shepherds work. It is so amazing.

The upstairs is not finished yet. We have a large structure ( ball shaped) going in.

This is the boys working on it. I think I will do a separation it once it is in.

And this is the craft area. It actually looks like a gallery. I have loads to do yet and lots of artists work to come in. But I am basically happy with it. As we rushed to open I know there is a lot still needs work. I hate it as I hate to think people’s first impression will not be perfect. But hey…….I am sooooo lucky.

Guerilla art

Oh how I love Guerrilla art.

There have been quite a few around Inverness.

This one is quite close to my house. It is hand cut out of layers of sticky back plastic. There are more dotted around town.

I love them.

Some people think that they are just vandalism or graffiti, But I think they are wonderful. I love coming across a new one. I love that I don’t know who put it there and that they did it just to do it. No money or accolade.  Did I say I love them?

Here are some great examples:-

Knitting covered tree


guerilla knitting

Ben Long

Very inspiring……………….