Artists statement


I am unashamedly consumed by textiles.
I can’t remember a time when I didn’t ‘make things’. It is as natural to me as breathing.
As a child I made toys, books, dolls, as a teenager I made clothes and jewellery. Sewing was my first love, but I have dabbled in everything from stained glass to papier-mâché and PMC.
As an adult I studied textiles in Orkney and was introduced to wet felting. I was totally hooked first time. Taking something so ordinary and creating something extraordinary, it blew my mind.
I exploit every opportunity to feed this habit – workshops, books, exploration and experimentation. The more I learn, the deeper my obsession becomes.
Felting has it all for me, colour, texture, malleable with an element of unpredictability.
It’s a tactile experience, the artist is directly connected to the work. Felt responds to the makers mood, absorbing and reacting to frustration or joy. Each touch producing a different quality of felt.


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