Periscope -Do you?


Do you periscope? Lots of people are – even Hilary Clinton uses periscope. Its owned by Twitter so it’ll probably be around for a while and can be an amazing business tool for certain kinds of business.

Talking craft – because that’s my thing – it’s a great way to reach new audiences and share techniques.

How does it work? Basically you stream live footage and either your audience asks you q’s or you limit who can chat and everyone else watches. The first one means your audience feels involved and part of something which is important in building a brand these days. The second ( limiting your chat) is WAAAY easier if you are a woman.

Which brings me to my main issue with periscope – pervy men. Its a mecca for them. You can block them but its a constant battle which is both distracting and could be upsetting. Why must so many men be total ass-holes?

I have watched women deliver scopes on the refugee crisis, hypnosis, baking and cleaning tips – every 3rd comment is sexual. I have watched the same scopes from men and it was bliss – not even a ‘your cute’. I think the offenders should be blocked…. there are plenty of people scoping that want that type of attention so why don’t they just go prev there.

Other negatives are that there is a lot of rubbish on it – but just don’t click it. There are people sharing their walk to work or getting stoned. People just sitting about bored waiting for someone to entertain them or attention seekers ( in every way!)

What do I love about periscope?

As a broadcaster Its free. Its instant. You can reach people around the world. You can choose to leave your scope for re watches for 24hrs and save them to Youtube (which also means you can choose not to… live and then gone.) You can get followers.

As a watcher its free. I can see things from a normal persons point of view ( i have been watching a reporter follow refugees through various countries to Germany and it has been upsetting, amazing, scary and very real) I have asked questions about hypnosis, silicon glue, personal safety, Peru’s women’s issues, the legality of drugs in Sweden and base coats for MDF and had honest answers to them all. I like the crazy variety of scopes and I especially like the access it gives me to motivational speakers, educational scopes etc. FOR FREE! with contact to ask instant Q’s.

Go have a look. Be selective and look for people you know and respect, watch a little craziness and get involved. Then come back and tell me what you think.


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