Playing catch up

Im taking a good look at my online presence………

I started this blogging 10 years ago on blogger. It didn’t suit me as a platform and so eventually I moved to WordPress. Initially I was a follower, my first blog crush was  Harlequin Feltworks (I had been an avid forum user from about 2002 which was like a facebook chat – but not) and I loved how I felt part of her world and connected to her work. At the time the only other way to do this was email or read about it in a book. Now there are more ways to share someones life than I can keep track off.

The first entry in this blog was on 04/05/2008 I’ve used the same theme and layout for all that time – I loved it.

But having had a wee break I came back to my blog and it looked dated. The white font on black background was old fashioned, 8 years ago I thought it was really funky. So much has changed. The way we use the internet has changed radically.

When I started blogging I used to preach to every crafter I met about ‘the trilogy’  Blog, social network and website/shop. It was met with resistance and cries of not having time or being unable to do it. Now everyone does it to suit there business.

Blogs used to be to connect to your audience but now they are a business in themselves. There are food blogs, fashion blogs, parenting blogs, adult blogs in fact I think there is at least one blog for every subject possible. People are making good money from blogging.

When I started Flickr was just becoming mainstream now there are too many photo sharing apps to choose from like Instagram and Snapchat. There thats another thing  – its apps now rather than softwear you download or websites.

Blogging has moved on too….vlogging has come along – Youtube and vine etc and now we have live networking – Periscope and Blab being my favorite.

So I’m spending my Sunday overhauling my online presence and it has taken me all day to adjust to the changes on WordPress (not all are as user friendly as before)

When did you last sit back and take a look at your marketing and online presence? Does it still serve you well? Are you missing something or worse still wasting time on something that gets you nowhere?


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