Craft Scotland

I’m just back from Edinburgh festival where I was lucky enough to meet comedienne Eddie Brimson through my friend Snowy and he took us to 3 shows. The middle show was called The Sunny Side Show. The room was hot (airless in fact) in a bar called the Mash Club, but despite stifling heat the the comedienne gave it his all and we were crying with laughter. If you get a chance to see either comedienne do it. Both very talented and just plain funny.

The Craft Scotland ‘Summer Show‘ was on. Its easy to miss as its upstairs in Whitestuff , 89 George st. and there were only the signs in the upstairs windows to let us know it was on which in the madness off the festival is easy to miss. Its up two flights of stairs, but worth it as there were two large rooms beautifully laid out with furniture, ceramics and accessories. 35 makers in all. I found the knitwear a bit samey (and pricey) There were I think two.  Frances Teckkam (sorry couldn’t find her website) and another knitter but its not obvious who that is from the brochure.

Isabelle Moore created chairs that were unusual and sensual. Understandably we couldn’t sit on them to see how comfortable they were, but they made you want to try. They were sleek and very modern.

Louise Nadins Ceramics are pure, simple and very functional with a small finger dent in the cups which reminded us of Tone Von Krug, really nice but nothing we felt hadn’t seen before. Nothing wrong with that, they were beautifully made.

The jewellery was the stand out section for us. Quirky Gabrielle Reith‘s work lead us into cabinet after cabinet of wonder. It was lovely to see Aubine Stewart’s new work which is so perfectly designed and finished. She combines just the right amount of contemporary with beautiful – acrylic with pearls – that she makes something to suit most everyone. (note galleries)

The stand out for us was so romantically merchandised using vintage finds in unusual way that it felt wrong to touch it – such care had been taken looked like an image from a Tim Burton film. Unfortunately we were so blown away by the whole thing that we forgot to pick up her card. So sorry.


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