April…always feel like the new year starts here.

Do you feel that? It’s spring and the beginning of the new financial year.

It always feel like the beginning, time for change. Time to take stock and map the year ahead.

At two:8 collective studios we have a new lease holder and a new short hire space which is adding to the feeling of change. Adding or removing someone from a group completely changes the dynamics and bring a breath of fresh air, new vision and renewed energy.

Project space

This off course means work. Spaces don’t sort themselves. Paint themselves etc. Which with 7 people in a collective would seem pretty quick ….but there are always the politics of groups.

I’m a can do person. I think ‘let’s get stuck in, get it done quick then everyone can go back to their day job’ but It’s never that simple, people have lots to do and coordinating so you are all free is a nightmare.  People don’t always see things as a priority and that is their choice…but it can be frustrating.


Never easy … And in fact I don’t think working as a collective works as it falls on one person in the end anyway, no matter how hard you try to encourage participation or how vocal others are about sharing.

So that brings me back to New Years and change. The beginning of a new regime.

I can’t go on being the can do. My practice is suffering and my relationships. I do nothing but work….but not for me.

April is a time off change……..


2 thoughts on “April…always feel like the new year starts here.

  1. Absolutely right! You can start the new year whenever you like, and start it several times over too. We always feel inspired to start a new creative journey when we return from our summer holidays!

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