Creative habits

I have been struggling to get time for personal professional creative pursuit. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been creative…far from it. I work teaching creative activities. I do things that require creativity.
But none of it is for me.
I find it hard to find time …it’s somehow last on the list and yet it’s the first thing I am.

Which brings me to the point of the post….. Am I? Or have I now moved so far from practising that I just think of myself as artist, maker, designer?

At what point do you become ‘an artist’ so that you can say it out loud. Use it on your business card etc? And in turn when do you have to relinquish it….. I. Used to be an……
What do you think? Do you feel, like some, that its just innate ? Or that its a profession, a career?

I would love your thoughts.


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