Back to the future…..ish.

I haven’t written about the gallery or studios for some time. The gallery used to be down stairs….I loved it, but the public found it intimidating.  They would look in and rush off. Not everyone off course, but 3 out of 4. … That’s a lot. I loved the double height, the light,  in fact everything… other than the fact that it was the lead in… I wish the double height was upstairs. Due to the intimidation factor Kev has moved crafts down stairs and the gallery is now upstairs. A much less ‘gallery’ space. To me it feels shoe-d in… But we have to do what we have to do. So we have moved everything about. We had chairs and a sofa where you could sit and read or craft, but this made Speed Crafting really difficult AND I was running a cafe more than doing any workshops….. I could do that anywhere…its not what I set out to do. I also feel there is a whole load of amazing cafes around us… why take custom from them for something we didnt really want to do. So this week the chairs have gone and one large central table is going in… I am super excited. It feels more like what we wanted to do. So upstairs has gone from picture one to picture two. ( no great table yet) shop-2-318x318 2012-10-07 16.43.05


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