London Baby – later that day

I am posting images that I need to credit. I will come back to these and do it. I dont have access to my notebook. Sorry .

The show was truly massive. We arrived as it was opening and immediately felt under dressed. Wow some swanky people attend these things.

We went into the interiors hall first. We had gone to find new girts for Hung Gallery so felt we would leave that until last. We thought we would rip around the interiors area and then cruise the gifts section…then at 3pm leave to catch the Tate Modern.

But as it was our first time at this show we didnt know how big it was. Or how boring it could get. Dont get me wrong….We loved it and there were so many lovely things, but lovely is a little insipid isnt it? And I am afraid there wasnt a lot to make you gasp or even just a ‘must have’. I thought that perhaps everyone is playing safe due to the current climate ?

anyhoo . enough chat and on with the images…We stopped for tea course to gather our energy and had a lovey Scottish treat……

I could go on about each photo..What I liked and what I didn’t, but we would be here for ever. I am always quite critical of layout and function. I am drawn in by how its presented and then how works. I hate getting ‘stuck’ in a stand, I don’t like stupid layouts where if two other people are looking you have to hang about waiting to see.

Food and bags on stands are a total no no to me. I don’t mind coffee etc…but its a show case of your work…have some pride. ( and take a tote to hide it in) if you can’t be organised with your stand how will you be organised with my order?

Maybe I should have split it into the good the bad and the ugly. But you know what you are looking at and can decide for yourself.

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