London Baby…the next morning

I wasn’t going to post until after we had been to the show……but grrrrrr. Had a great nights sleep. The sheets were fresh and the bed was great. I was up early -6.30 and I like a cup of tea first thing. I had checked that the dining carriage was 24hr so I was happy to head along and grab the opportunity to charge Ingrids’ phone at the plug point in the dining room.

When I arrived a steward was just sitting. The door to the kitchen was open but no one inside. I assumed the steward was from the kitchen but he didnt even aknowledge me until I eventually asked if I could have a tea… Yes kettle, cup, bag, spew HT milk. Not hard. He barked at me that the steward I wanted was doing his till and paperwork. That I would be getting tea in my berth at 7. Disappointing considering this is the time you get up and want tea? Why not do it sooner or later? Others drifted in as I sat waiting for the phone to charge and they got the same barked comment.

Would it really hurt to just get the kettle on? They take your money everywhere else… but can afford to turn away 10 or so sales? no one actually came to the table with the paperwork on it in the 1/2 hr I was there.Image

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