London baby


We are off to London to Top Drawer . I have wanted to go for years and now its really happening. I am going with Ingrid our new Intern (she is amazing) to source new makers and as a learning trip for Ingrid.



We are going on the sleeper which travels straight from Inverness to London over night and you can take a berth. Its not cheap…not at all, but you can find deals if you keep looking on the booking website. Also it means we are traveling over night and ARRIVE EARLY. So we have the day at the show and hopefully the Tate Modern then back on the sleeper…no accommodation costs. Super.

Our berth is fantastic with everything you could need. Two bunks, lots of shelves, a sink and little tables at each bunk. Sadly there is NO plug so no charging phones or plugging in your lap top, which really stupid in these times. There are plugs in the dining carriage so we will check that out soon.

our berth

our berth



We have just been to the dining carriage ….. the steward was horrible to us. We were told by the steward in our berth carriage that we had to hand a slip to the dining steward to book and pay for breakfast….this isn’t the case seemingly. So he ripped into us in front of everyone in the carriage. We were so embarrassed.  Then when we asked for a receipt he snapped ‘are you going to have anything else tonight?’ confused we said probably and he said we needed to get it there and then as he didn’t want to have to write more receipts!!!!

It was very intimidating and not how you expect to be treated when you know how much the tickets cost! We drank our tea in silence and scuttled back to our room. Ingrid managed to get a little charge in her phone. but still no internet to upload my post. Pretty disappointing really. You get wifi on Megabus!!!

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