Now that Crochte incoming to an end I have been feeling a bit lost. I am no good at doing nothing. (not that there is nothing to do. Selling, website updates, accounts etc.) but I feel a bit lost.
Not for long.
Crochte has been very successful for some of the artist/makers and customers have LOVED it. I have been asked by both to do a Christmas popup . Especially customers. I remind them that the website is there for a year and that there are some amazing pieces that would make great presents, but some people like to see it ,buy it.
I don’t want to be manning a shop on my own again and so doing a pop up is actually the last thing I want to do for a while. I also have a lot of other work on and so would rather not be tied down 7 days 10-5.30.
So what to do? Mmmm
Well I have an idea. I would like to use the empty windows around town to display local work and produce. Have a website and QR coding system to order for delivery or details of how to visit makers etc to see it, buy it. I think it would brighten up the street and make a great use of the empty windows.
What do you think?

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