I wonder how ba…

I wonder how bad things are going to get?

All around me there are big name shops closing as well as independents and I have a feeling that the usual ‘Golden 1/4’ = Christmas, is going to come in bronze. If we have a really bad Christmas in retail the next year sees closures and our high street and centre can’t take that.

Inverness as a city has little to offer visitors other than its ‘culture, history and beauty’ Which lets face it only really appeals to tourists from outside Britain. We need to take lead from places that have carved themselves a niche.

Westkilbride has chosen to go down the craft route http://www.crafttownscotland.org/  

Wigtown book town. http://www.wigtown-booktown.co.uk/

Aviemore – the great outdoors

Brighton – arts, gay culture.

I think if Inverness is not to grind to a halt then we need to start thinking about our USP now. I think relying on tourism to heavily will be disastrous going forward. We are competing with so many other historic, beautiful, shopping bland destinations.

As a retailer I am very worried about the next year (and beyond)



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