Today I am in Crochte. My pop up gallery in a shopping mall. We have been here since the 1st of June and run until the 4th of October.

It has been absolutely brilliant. I have enjoyed everything other than the hours. The centre is open 7 days and I started with a partner who just couldn’t take the commitment, so I am doing it by myself. LONG LONG hours.

I also have the website to update as I couldn’t afford to have some one else do it. We change area and artists every two weeks and so the site changes too. That’s a lot of expensive man hours…. so DIY it is.

It has to be done after we shut as you have to concentrate, it crashes and sticks if you take to long ( stop to serve etc) and I loose my ‘flow’. I LOVE updating it. I am nerdy and love everything in its place etc. So when I get it right I don’t care that I am up ’til 1am doing it. ( I think I would have loved to be a web designer if I could turn back time)


This is how it looks today. Not my favourite layout, but there you go.

I have loads of amazing makers in this session.

20120821-130845.jpg This is by Chris ( the Simpsons artist) his work is fantastic.  Check him out on   It will make your day!

I better go serve. BBFN

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