Speed Crafting

What? I have posted about this before. But it is now becoming a bit of a movement!

Speed Crafting is so much fun and books out weeks before an event now. They are doing it in Shetland (with a slightly different format) in Orkney @ the lovely Kirsteen Stewart -Studios. I have read about  The Two Dolls on Cut Out and Keep doing something too.

We have been Speed Crafting for a couple of years now trying different formats until we settled on its current set up.

4 artists, 4 tables, 4 crafts. 24 crafters split into 4 tables of 6 with 1/2 hr at each table. Its manic fun.

We have our Double Date…. 2 artists teaching 2 crafts each. 12 Crafters split into two tables of 6. They do every table so make and take all 4 crafts being taught by each artist twice…does that make sense? This appeals to some as it is a lot less noisy and more relaxed. Even though the pace is still steady.

We have made dichroic glass ( micro kiln) felt, recycled necklaces, bags, etc, felt, nuno felt, bathbombs, knitting in every form, crochet, batik, machine and hand applique, cards, lono prints, fantasy film etc etc etc. Really diverse things.

I love that it gives an income to the artists ( tiny but regular) I love that so many people are trying new crafts and having a great time doing it. I love the social aspect and that people keep coming back.

I would love to hear about the workshops you run or attend…where, what, why, when etc.


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