Swishing. I love it.

Have you Swished?

I first Swished at The Greenhouse in Dingwall. I thought it was the best idea ever and came home with a couple of great new pieces of clothing new to me. Guilt free fashion. I then found out its a movement.


We have now had two Swishing events at Hung and they have been such a great success that I think they may become a regular feature there.

Last night we had around 25 ladies eager to Swish and some really beautiful clothes. It never ceases to amazing me how many people have clothes in their wardrobe that have never been worn never mind with the tags still on!!!!! Their were amazing shoes too.  I came home with some lovely tweed Ted Baker trousers…..whats not to love.

So what is Swishing? This is how we do it. You bring 3 as new items and hang them up. We get a drink, tea, coffee or maybe a small wine. Once everyone has arrived we get 15 mins to have a look through what everyone has brought and return to our drinks and wait for the bell. Its honestly very exciting. It gets a bit competitive ….really. Then there is 5 mins to try to get the 3 items you like. I know this might seem strange but your heart races and its very exciting.

This is people arriving.

As you can see its busy and fun.  We also had a raffle to raise money for a local charity and a make-up demo. At the last Swish we had a demo on how to put your hair up in a beehive.

Its free, fun and recycling. We get to meet loads of lovely people and get new clothes. Why not try it yourself?

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