Where does the time go?

I simply don’t know where the time goes. I am amazed at people who say they are bored…what the F*%$? How?

I can’t remember when I was ever bored. I need a daily extension, 2 hours would be just great. I have so much to do and even more that I want to.

Since opening HUNG I haven’t had time to think. So I think its time to take stock. I feel as though I am lurching from one thing to the other.

We had so many plans and so far done very few, so I need to take a couple of days to refocus.

I love to make and to share making. I love other people’s work and sharing it. I am passionate about artist/makers being able to sustain themselves being creative. Yet here I am basically full circle working in a shop, all be it my shop, with no time to create.

Have you ever been bored? I can’t imagine creative people being bored, but perhaps the can be.

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