Kev. No. Just no.

Having successfully cast my friends lips Kev was very Keen to cast his own.

As you can see there is a very obvious problem with this……but would he listen.

My friend Emma set about doing the deed. First kev lubed up with vaseline and then emma smoothed on the plaster.

  All good so far.

But the plaster set on to the hair as i thought it might…..

as plaster sets it goes through a reaction which heats it up. It needs to be removed from the face before this happens. The hair would not come out and it was very painful for him as it shrunk.

I was panic stricken. I had not wanted him to do it in the first place and it was covering his mouth getting hotter and hotter.

I was really worried and started to imagine we would be going to A&E. But how to explain it?

Kev was determined to get it off himself and broke it in two with pliers. This meant he could breath OK. But the plaster was now ROCK hard. He tried to chip at it with the pliers and I used tiny scissors to get under it and cut away his hair.

We were all laughing , but a nervous, lets keep things light kinda laughing interjected with fits of the kind of laugh that ‘only comes out at other peoples misfortune and you know its wrong’ laugh.

But once we knew he wasn’t going to die we just laughed and laughed.


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