Resin to be cheerful Part 1

I love working with resin. Well actually I am a craft floozy as I LOVE working with lots of mediums, but I have rekindled my passion for resin lately and we are having so much fun together that I barely have eyes for anything else.

Its funny how fickle I can be.

Enough of my creative dalliances.

Resin to be cheerful Part 1

Have you tried resin? Casting resin is so easy. I buy resin which has a 100/1 ratio so it couldn’t be easier. I use the 25% max inclusion ratio rule and it has never failed me yet.

What have I been making?


I am not a pink kinda girl, but this was for a gift.

Previously I used plastic moulds or even latex moulds I cast myself, but lately I have discovered casting resin with silicone… It makes everything so much easier.

Why not give it a go? It really is fun and everyone loved their gifts this Christmas.

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