Speed Crafting prep

So it’s two days until our first Inverness Speed Crafting event here at ‘HUNG’

To say I am excited is an understatement. The support we have had setting it up is fantastic.

Hi-arts gave us a great write-up which we were delighted with. You can read it here.


The Inverness City Advertiser have been more amazing than anyone giving us a 1/4 page advert for FREE. Yes free. They are just amazing at supporting local culture and especially the arts.

I could go on and on.

But instead I will share about our preparations.

These are our artists for this SC.

  • Heidi Soos – Highland Faerie. I don’t even know where to start, she is unbelievably talented and yet the most modest person I know. She works upcycling and reworking second-hand and found objects. Makes ceramics to use and wear.
  • Mary-anne Thomson – Creates beautiful work combining leather and embroidery using traditional techniques in a contemporary way. Pure luxury.
  • Angela Ellis – Heart of Glass. Passionate about glass and its uses she is a constant evangelist for glass its forms.  Colour and texture collide fearlessly in her work.
  • Mhairi Cameron – She can turn her very artistic hand to any medium. Works mainly in fine art which I can only dream off.
  • Carolynn Anderson- Crafter extraordinaire she is a knitting queen. Her kingdom is subversive, plastic bags and ripped fabric often feature in her work  producing art pieces with unexpected depth and sparkle.
  • Me….Jane of all trades.

Crafts covered in this event are:

  1. Dichroic glass – create something wonderful to wear using this exciting glass fusing technique
  2. Nuno Felt- layer textures, colours and fibres using this modern felting technique
  3. Refashion- using something ordinary to upcycle fabric and found objects
  4. upcycled jewellery-  who would have thought something so pretty could come from something so mundane And you are helping the environment.
  5. Art Knitting – Learn to cast on and off then play with colour and texture using unusual materials
  6. Braiding – This meditative craft will have you relaxed in no time and leave you with something colourful and fun to wear.

We have tried to choose a varied collection of activities so there is not just something for everyone, but high energy and then calm moments…..I hope it works. The interest in Dichroic glass has been unbelievable and I hope that doesn’t over shadow the other crafts.

We shall have to wait and see……wahhhhhhhhh


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