HUNG – is open

Well finally ‘Hung’ is open. We are not quite ready yet, but we had to open. We were putting it off for this reason and that. I was getting fed up of the ever-moving opening date, so I can’t imagine what it was like for artists etc who were putting in work.

So this is our front door. The sign lights up., but there is a transformer issue.

This is taken looking down from the stairs. Kev built the spidery light… necessity is the mother of all invention and this is proof of that.

The exhibition is of Craig Shepherds work. It is so amazing.

The upstairs is not finished yet. We have a large structure ( ball shaped) going in.

This is the boys working on it. I think I will do a separation it once it is in.

And this is the craft area. It actually looks like a gallery. I have loads to do yet and lots of artists work to come in. But I am basically happy with it. As we rushed to open I know there is a lot still needs work. I hate it as I hate to think people’s first impression will not be perfect. But hey…….I am sooooo lucky.


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