The hanging system….

Oooooo I am excited. the hanging system came by fedex last week when we were out. The left a card, but because of the holidays it could only be delivered today. TODAY. Oh yes it is being delivered today. As you can tell I am very excited.

It will be the first truly gallery fixture to go in and I am bursting with excitement.

We still have a bit of painting to do, but today should be the last day. It is so sunny here that I don’t think I can stand not getting out in it even for a couple of hours so it MUST be the last day .

We are holding ‘Crafternoons’ for artist/makers once a month and don’t know whether to hold them on a Sunday or a Friday. They will be a chance to get a cuppa and cake with time to chat, share etc. We will be working closely with Hi-arts, HIE etc to provide news and opportunities.  For those who live further into the highlands it might be better to have it on a day where they can also shop etc as it can be a long expensive trip. I don’t know. What do you think ?

We are also going to have ‘Make Time’ A chance once a month to bring something you are working on to finish it off in company, with refreshments 9and help if needed and some one has the knowledge to share)

I can’t wait.


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