casting…but for what?

oh Happy days.

The gallery is coming on at a pace now. I will start to right about it all soon I promise. But mean time I want to share what I have been doing to make fixtures …. yes make fixtures.

I needed something to hold rings, i could have gone with all the usual, but couldn’t bring myself to settle for ‘usual’. It is a gallery after all. Poor kev as if it is not enough that we have all the building to do, I want to make the fixtures! He has the patience of a saint.

So what could I do that hasn’t been done before?

I really had to rack my tiny but creative brain. So can you guess what it will be?

I had to work out how I was going to make the lips… I wanted them to be like lips….soft and rubbery. I wanted to spend £0 on it. So what did I have that I could use? Yip plaster, silicone and vaseline. Who doesn’t have that lying about?

I needed to know the silicone would come out of my cast ( plaster is so porous) So i had to experiment a bit. During my trails my friend Jewellery jo came in for tea and a chin wag. She had a tub of mango lip balm and I needed vaseline. Perfect.

In the first picture I tried silicone on parchment, then put on more silicone with & without lip balm. The next day the test piece with lip balm came off very easily. Bingo. ( by the way I know you can by release sprays etc. But I am sooooooooo on a budget)

I then made a cast of my finger and when dry rubbed in mango lip balm and then pumped in the silicone. Next day…yummy a perfect cast.

So next was to find some willing victims subjects for lip casting. I am very lucky as my friends have LOVELY lips so it wasn’t hard.

Kev was very keen to take part and that is a whole other post. Squirm.

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