gallery update

I wish I had photos to show you, but I have no camera just now and it is really frustrating. Once everything has settled down a bit I will get me a camera and all will be well.

So much is happening just now. We are working on the building, which is great fun. I love working out where everything is going to go, the measuring etc. We are putting a large structure upstairs to hold craft and change the shape a bit . (all to often in Inverness design is forgotten. Hop to Glasgow and the shops are inspiring and funky, not here. They seem to think we don’t mind painted walls and boring layouts)

i want to be able to change it too….not asking much eh? so it has to be able to be dismantled later in the year.

So far we have had lots of people get in touch showing us their work. There really is loads of truly talented artist/makers here in Scotland. I need more local though and so I feel a road trip coming on.

I really want some modern soap and candles. But haven’t found any in UK never mind Scotland. So that is a big thing on my want list. I am saying all this, but it actually is nothing to do with me! Kev is handling all the gallery stuff.

My teaching space will be the last thing to get done. I am struggling a bit with layout as it’s not big. But I will just have to get clever. It’s very tempting to just go to Ikea, but I shan’t.

I must go as I have to sand, fill

and sand.


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