Green for GO

Yes. It is all go.

We have not quite finalized everything. But there was so much to-ing and fro-ing between the solicitors that we contacted the landlord direct and he is amazing.

We get the keys this morning and I can hardly type, in fact I could hardly sleep.

First things first I have to go clean. It is not dirty, but I want to paint everything white and having a city and guilds in painting and decorating I am a fuss pot about prep. So cleaning it is..( I hate cleaning, like clean, but hate that upkeep cleaning)

I will have to buy the biggest bucket of sugar soap and borrow a friends scaffolding. Get some marrigolds..actually I would love those long sleeve ones used by vets for………stuff. I might have to try to source those today.

So todays business and activity list

  1. Walk dogs
  2. have tea with a friend
  3. shop for cleaning stuff
  4. collect scaffold and drink more tea
  5. clean as if my life depends on it.

This evening we have a charity dance to go to in Strathpeffer. I was really looking forward to it, fancy dress and funk/soul music. There is a 1/2 hr bus ride which in Scotland means drinking, singing and laughter.

But now I just want to focus on the gallery.




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