Costing and pricing your work

Yesterday I attended a great workshop run by  the Cultural Enterprise Office. It was on costing and pricing your work.

I went not only for myself , but also for the gallery as we have had a few people asking what we think they should price their work at!

So I have come back inspired and will be writing out everything I have learnt and posting it as a tutorial. Gilly Langton was part of the team delivering the workshop and she is so inspiring.  She is like jewellery royalty to me and yet she is so approachable and has a great way of explaining things. This combined with the well thought out course from the C. E. O. and they made pricing a dodle.

They took no prisoners though. Right at the start they said that if we followed the day and then completed the tasks some of us would find that we should not be making the things we are making for sale. That the true cost and price of some pieces mean that these things are for something else. Our pleasure, gifts or not possible at all. I thought this was great advise. I know a few makers who undersell work which in turn undermines and devalues other people’s work. Sometimes they just have their sums wrong, sometimes the work would not sell at a higher price ( for many reasons) and sometimes they are just covering their costs to be able to make more.

It was the practical part that spoke to me most. A piece of tape was stretched out on the floor and used in three different ways. I loved it. I am visual and practical so I learn best that way.

If you get the chance to take this workshop….grab it.

And look out for the write up in my tutorials.

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