wow. Its been so long.

It has been so long since I blogged that I can’t even remember how to use WordPress.

Thats not good and I am sorry. But I have a reasonable excuse.

As i mentioned previously we are starting our own gallery etc. It has been a long, LONG, road. Really long and with as many twists and turns, ups and down as the road to Wick.

We have looked at and fallen for too many building to mention. There has always been some type of issue the last being that after going as far as to get plans done etc and we are about to sign they decided they wanted £25,000 deposit to sit on for 3 years. My word. That is a lot of money at the best of times, but when starting a business its everything you have to start-up! needless to say we are not using that one.

We have been really lucky and found somewhere so central. Its quirky which is exactly what we wanted and needed. Local landlord ( I want the money to stay local and to feel my landlord is connected with Inverness)

Photos will follow. I just wanted to get back into posting.

I hope your year has started well and you have exciting times ahead too.

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