Business plan….again

We have been writing our business plan for weeks. There is so much to research and do.

We were very lucky and my friends Dad gave us some amazing software for our cash flow forecasts etc. They even work out your P.A.Y.E. Brilliant. Once I know how it will appear as a down load in this blog…but meantime if you want a copy drop a comment and I will wing it to you.

We have been to every training thing available through our business gateway and to date the business gateway and Highland and island enterprise have been close to useless.

We had an informal meeting with Ian Hamilton from H.I.E. who sign posted a few things then saw Business Gateway who said they couldn’t touch us until we knew if we were going with H.I.E.  They are the same thing…but one deals with small business and the other large.

We really just want advice.

We attended a social meet and it was awful. All start-ups.  that is actually too harsh as I really enjoyed the day, who wouldn’t, gassing about business start-ups with others in your position? But we were hoping for more.

So far Pamela from Hi-arts has been the most help to us.  Steering us down the social enterprise route and giving us good contacts.

Hi-arts run a scheme called ‘go, see visits’ and we are hoping to get some funding to visit similar business ventures in Glasgow and Edinburgh. But more on that tomorrow.

Business plan…..

Kev has done all the writing as I wrote the last one ( before all changed) and I was feeling a bit swamped. I think it is good for him to do it as he is more engaged now.

getting the language right has been an issue. We are a creative business with social aims and it is difficult to write /describe it in a paragraph.

go see background

This is as good as we have so far. As you can see it is part of our background to our ‘go, see’ application.

We were told by business gateway that we need to write an elevator pitch……I am truly struggling with that!


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