So sorry.

I can not state enough how sorry I am for my lack of posting.


My excuse is work. I know, I know. It’s a rubbish excuse. Some of you reading this not only work, but parent and create AND still blog. My head is hanging low.

But what have I been doing?  I want to say making….but no. I want to say learning… but no. I have been working, but mostly getting our business started. I am glad to say it won’t be long now and we will be in the building for first phase very soon.

It has been a long and slow process. We had some very unrealistic goals. We have had a partner drop out which changed everything and we had to start from scratch.

We had one interior layout plan which included a mezzanine , but that has gone so we had to go back to the planning there. But layout is now done.

Rock is a band practice space during the evening. During the day it will be used as a teaching space or dark room.

Scissors is the gallery. A bit worried it is too small.

Paper (not marked) –  studios, each with water.1 & 2 are wheel chair accessible.

Benches – jewellery benches with fitted bench.

The social area has a kitchen, dining table and sofas.

Outside to the right, there is a large teaching space and smoking area.


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