New lease of life.

Finally I have a new computer. My Sony Vaio died about two months ago and Kevs computer is terrible. You can make a cup of tea in the time it takes to open a page. If you know me , you will know I drink a lot of tea, but still, I don’t drink THAT much tea.

So you can imagine my delight at getting a shiny new one.  Its nothing flashy… I just had to get one ASAP as I am putting in a submission for a public art piece in Elgin and it took me two weeks to the basic info I needed from the internet to start writing it.

What have I been up too?

I took a trip home to Orkney for a family gathering. We hired a camper van from Orkney Campers and had the best time. Whilst away we tried Kayaking……wow its great. So the minute I was home I went on to Freecycle (Inverness) and guess what, there were two for rehoming. Brilliant. So I have been out as much as possible. Although we do need to get proper paddles.

The weather here has been fantastic and so it is hard to work in doors. But I have so much to do.

As you can imagine writing my business plan and filling in forms has been a LOOOOOONNGGG drawn out process with the old computer. At one point I lost all my pricing etc. and had to start again. urgh.

I was lucky enough to have a meeting with someone from Scottish enterprise who gave me the most amazing financial softwear… but the old comp’ wouldn’t open it. Kevs work comp’ would…but thats no use to me. We borrowed a computer from a friend and it wouldn’t! we tried it in a neighbours and it did.

This all took 3 weeks and time is ticking…..

So today I feel a weight lifted. I am excited about the amount of work I will get done.

I attended a local celebration of craft. It was a great day and I want to give it justice so you will have to wait until tomorrow.