Strange creativity , treasure hunts and more R.S.P.

I had fully intended to get back to making. I was getting organised and made a great start on my website ( i listened to my voters) .

But nothing is straight forward and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Last week we had a fund-raiser which took a bit of organising. It should have been very easy…but no, Kev’s computer wouldn’t communicate with the printer.

The fund-raiser was a pub treasure hunt. Should you ever need to raise quick funds in a fun adult way this is a very easy one.

Basically we had seven bars. Competitors had to give different piratey quotes at each bar as they ordered their round and got a doubloon with their change. On the doubloon there was part of a clue, the rest of the clue was elsewhere in that pub. Once solved it told them the next bar. The ‘crew’ with the quickest time ( they were timed)  around the course with their collected doubloons ( treasure) one.

My favourite clue was a meerkat… was to take them to the market bar. Clues were crosswords, hidden items, physical tasks, things they had to google, a U.V. clue, brain teasers etc.

Anyway this should have entailed printing the doubloons and putting them and props to the bars. Instead I had two days of on/off printing and panic. I was working in Photoshop and none of my friends have it in their computer so I had to keep switching from his computer which wouldn’t print, to one that would.

The night was a great success. Brilliant turn out. Almost all teams really got into the spirit off it…dressing up and using pirate speak. The bars were very happy…everyone had to make a purchase at the bar!

We had to go away at the weekend and now so it was right back into the business plan on Monday.

So much is riding on this project that it needs to be right. We have a lot of market research still to do. We have had to make changes which I will write about when I can. We have just been told about ‘first port’ which I would have thought the business gateway would have told us about..but I am starting to get frustrated with the various ‘agencies’ that are there to help.

We are still weighing up the social enterprise route. If anyone has any thoughts on this I would be very grateful. We have a great business model and want this to be a sustainable business, but a lot off what we will be doing is community based… I am worried that it may tie us to something that stops us functioning as an independent business. But I am finding it hard to get information….well unless I have the time to go to Edinburgh. Which I think I will have to do. ( I am making that sound like a chore… I love Edinburgh)

What am I working on?

Tomorrow night we are performing at an awards ceremony. We are wearing ‘stick men ‘ costumes and I am chief costume maker. So that was yesterday and will be today and tomorrow gone.

I can actually remember that, when feeling time younger, time would drag. DRAG!

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