Business progress

There has been so much to do for the business start-up. I knew there would be loads and had a very long list. But as we go along I discover things that didn’t even occur to me.

Fire regulations, alarm systems and stairs regs. These are the biggies just now.

We have had to wait quit a while to get the details for the music practice space needs. I have been champing at the bit to get past this stage as we need to finish our business plan ASAP.

Now that we know how much space Ben needs we are free to work other  details.

What seemed like a massive space now seems restrictive. I am a great believer that limits and boundaries make you more creative…so I have been working almost non stop on the plans.

There is to be a mezzanine …that seems straight forward, but you have to think about access. But we can’t just bung stairs in. We need every inch to work for us and the roof slopes so you can only come up at certain points ( or you will bang you head) . The boys seem to struggle with thinking about all the issues to be taken into consideration. Heights, slopes, light, access, what people see, sound transference, toilets. I have found this very amusing as they often imply that women are no good at space or judging distance etc.

There are three beams running across the roof which means we have to take them into consideration too. They have had a very cavalier attitude. A bit to cocky.

I think if it had been left to the boys we would either have got the builders in who would have laughed at their plans or followed them with a million …what about, we can’t do, we will have to change moments. Or they would have ended up just paying a fortune for some one else to do it.

I have spent so long on it that perhaps I should have let them pay some one. But we need to take the cheapest route as every penny counts.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think I am a space genius, far from it. But I can see the issues and feel that if we can get it a good way down the road before consulting the architect we will have saved a bit of money.

We are seeing the architect in the morning. I am very nervous as he could tell us the building is completely unsuitable. Hopefully he will tell me where I have gone wrong and give me help with the bits I am struggling on.

I spent yesterday studying stairs, rise, treads, run and stringers. I really enjoyed it. I am nurdy like that. But it did take me all day to work out where they could go. But I did it. Phew.

I was elated . I actually got up and did a dance.


One thought on “Business progress

  1. Joni, you have got my deepest admiration going into this big project (with two men :). I just hope you will get more time to make once it is opened! till then, good luck! oxo

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