Marketing workshop follow on

Before attending the marketing workshop I was feeling a little lost. I have been focusing on our new business venture and barely had time to be creative. It is exciting but time-consuming, I know it will be worth it once it is up and running.

But time away from creating is no good for me. I get restless. I start to muse and wish. I start to long for change as I feel adrift.

I am not someone who needs constants, I relish moving house or changing jobs,  challenges and problems/finding solutions. My stability is in creating. It’s my home, safe place, retreat, first love etc.

I imagine its like feeling homesick.  ( I have never had to suffer it)

After the workshop some of us attending went to get a bite to eat. It was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it and was grateful for the insight others had on my time issues and outpourings. It was so good to be with makers. I have had lots of company,much  more than I usually do, but mainly related to business, business start-ups and finance.

A week has passed and I have found that the workshop and reconnecting with like-minded people who could guide me from experience has brought my MoJo back.

I have already put into place some of the ideas from the workshop and I am clearer about what I am doing to regain creative time ( thanks especially to red2white X)

I think I stopped being grateful. I was feeling ‘put upon’ and it was colouring everything. I have given myself a good shake. A kick up the a$!*.  and I can’t wait to start making again.

First I had to sort out the room I work in. ( Not just my room now as my son has moved back in) I love having him home, but I know have to work around a bed and his inevitable dumped clothing, guitar, furry cups and endless changed plugs. ( petty I know..but I go to listen to the radio and then have to pull the bed out to change it to the radio plug, for some reason it really bugged me) So I took some time to think about how we could share the space better.

I moved the bed and removed some of the units I had. When I started I thought I would have to pack up some of my materials and store them elsewhere. I wasn’t overjoyed at the thought, but my new thought process means that I took a good look at what I actually use. What I want to use going forward and where I want to go with it.

I have always been a jack of all trades. I do a myriad of arts and crafts for local authority, teach various textile workshops, make wedding dresses and felt. I have really enjoyed my meanderings and eclectic practice. It has created what I think is called ‘streams of income’ which has allowed me to be quite free. It also means I have materials for just about every craft or art I can think off bar basket weaving, blacksmith and woodworking!

Actually I didn’t actually lose any storage space and only one surface. I had to move a tote unit into the hall. The space is much softer now and I like it.

I took stock. My new plan means I intend to focus more on making. I feel I have lost touch with it. I am going to take on less authority work (until RSP is up and running and even then I think I will use outside makers rather than do it myself).

So I can afford to pack a lot of the distractions away.

I miss making, blogging, writing about making, sharing making, progressing a design, developing a process. But I need to give myself some  time to sort out exactly what I want to make.


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