Hi-arts marketing workshop

Last week I attended a workshop on marketing through Hi-arts. The workshop was free…Yes FREE, yet it was invaluable.

It was a whistle-stop tour of everything ‘online marketing’ Covering Social enterprise, websites, metatags, web 2.0, linking, google, I could go on and on.

If these are things that interest you then there are some great down loads from Sian on the top right. You can also book to attend here.

I thought I might share the things that excited me most.

Firstly www.wholinkstome.com You type in your url. and it lets you know who has linked to you. Great.  This is important if you are trying to increase your visitors or get sales from your website. You need traffic for this and you get traffic from being visible on search engines such as google.

Second was to always have word links with image links to help with your visibility online.

And third…the most amazing ‘issuu‘ Oh how I love this site. You can make your own online book. A portfolio of your work or documents in super professional format for sending to applications for say exhibitions, jobs etc.  You can also read other peoples. I love, love, LOVE it!

The only down to the workshops were that the room is very claustrophobic and there was too much info packed into 4 hours. It really would have been better as six with two breaks.

There needed to be a little more interaction rather than so much hurried presentation. Sometimes I didn’t get time to digest what Sian had just shown me and we were on another topic.  It was very inspiring and at times I would have like to write down my ideas.

But that just goes to show how much was crammed into it. Brilliant.


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