Back to reality?

I have been so buried in applications for grants, business start-up and planning I have not had much time for making.  I find it harder too as I am working from home and there are the endless dishes and mounds of housework looking at me every day.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t work in a mess and hate anyone dropping in too it. So I have to get it done. My lucky partner just closes the door on it on his way out to work.

At first I just got on with it. If you want something doing… and all that. Also I felt that if I really wanted to do what I do, then this is what I would have to swallow to get there.

But there are times when it detracts from what I need to do, never mind what I would like to do. I am very human and I can’t do it all. I also kick myself and remember how lucky I am.

I also remind myself how lucky I am to be doing what I enjoy, ( my partner hates his job) and so I ‘suck it up’.

Yet I was with a group of makers the other day and discovered that within our group this was not the case for the men in the group. They felt that what they were making was more important and always put it first. In each case ( and remember I am not generalising.. Other people will be different, this is fact for our group) they left everything other than their work till last and usually did what ‘bits’ around the house they wanted leaving full-time working partners to cook, clean, manage kids, shop etc.

I have really been thinking about this. I felt quite aggrieved at first and then slowly I realised that I am doing it to myself. Because I do.. I am left to do.

If my work is to progress I have to change my work ethos. Ideally I would work away from the home and do no more than my share. But I don’t. So I have to find a balance ( there I go again with the sharing caring bit). How do you go about it without daily unhelpful rows about left socks and dishes?

Now that the majority of the business plan is done, I am back to my own work. I have missed it terribly and its income. Perhaps it is the coming of spring, but I feel a need for change.

3 thoughts on “Back to reality?

  1. I can identify to a lot of what you have writen in your post, Joni. I too need to have a tidy surroundings before I start making and keep on the top of the houshold. I try to make the most of the time when everyone is out of the house, no meetings, no appointments…doing minimum houswork or reducing it to one short morning. The rest is done here and there, throughout the week. I feel doing sth creative every day works long term.
    Thank you very much for the award :), it is always encouraging to get one from a fellow felter. I wish you very creatie spring! 🙂

  2. There is so much to consider when you are in a small business and work from home. I think the juggling we do every day gets overshadowed by partners that ‘bring home the real (underlined) money.

    I agree with you and sometimes (maybe a lot of the time) the work that I do all day is not appreciated. Waking up at 5 or 5:30 (do I live on a farm???? NO!) to just get 30 of alone time before I have to wake the kids and deal with the dog is worth it. My day doesn’t end sometimes until 9:30 or 10 at night depending on how deep the laundry is and who does or doesn’t have underwear for the next day. But just like a business plan for the bank, you really have to make a business time plan for yourself. It’s the only way to keep yourself sane and put into perspective the things that are important to you.

    Yes, I am a neat-nik and can’t stand to have the house a mess. It drives me crazy to wake up with the pillows on the couch all over and dishes in the sink. So, they’re straightened before bed and everything is put in the dishwasher at night. I used to iron a lot!! Now, I have given up the kids tee shirts and pants and let them wrinkle, but still do pillowcases and shirts at night in front of the tv watching show that my husband can’t stand!!

    The point is that I’ve learned to let go of certain things and allocated time for others and then let go.

    What’s most important is knowing that somewhere out there, there are people like you who struggle with these issues, too. And we’re all just an email away.

    Take care.

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