New venture – artists studios in Inverness

Finally I can tell you.

It says new in the headline, but it has been three years in the making.

My partner and I are opening an amazing new space in Inverness.  It is very central (can’t tell you exactly where yet ) We are very lucky to have a very talented musician along with us who is doing all the music side… more details later.

It will contain 8 artists studios, a contemporary ( independent) gallery for arts and craft, 3 band practice ‘pods’ and recording studio, a media area ( Mac, A1 printer etc) and social area.

I am very excited. It has been hard work, but it will be worth it the day we open the doors!

But we need a name…. Got any ideas?

I like ‘rock, paper, scissors’

Kev likes ‘plan A’

Ben likes ‘Spacestation’

But we would love to hear your ideas.

10 thoughts on “New venture – artists studios in Inverness

  1. Sounds fantastic Joni, congratulations! I like rock, paper sissors but think that I prefer the traditional ‘stone, paper, sissors’, silly but that’s just me. Best of luck with your venture, I really look forward to reading about the project as it progresses. X Nicola

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