I am making a corset for a friend today. My studio looks like I sicked it up and so my first task is to get some order.

Actually I have a mega busy day. Housework ( always – arg)  tidy studio. TEA.  Walk my fury babies. TEA. Draw a floor plan of that garage + email. TEA. Cut out pattern and adapt to fit. TEA. Cut out fabric and get started. TEA. Meet Ben for a tea meeting. Go to business gateway and hi-arts. Come home and take the furries out and make food. TEA. and back to sewing.

Somewhere in there I have to rewrite my portfolio as my computer died and I lost the lot.

I have to write 3 invoices and start to prepare for workshops in Elgin and Banff.

Oh and try to get some time with Kev. So I best stop typing and get to it.

Corset details to follow.


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