Even more about sparkle balls

You can find instructions on making these amazing balls at…….. www.sparkleball.com

Amazing site..lots of sharing and pictures.

Please please send me a photo if you make one.

I used the soft plastic glasses for kids and staples. I got them from poundstretcher @£1. for 100. it took 150 to make the ball. I used 2 sets of lights from our poundland. So the ball cost £4.25.

The second ball was half pint ridged plastic. It took 150 of those and I used a leather punch and cable ties. It cost a lot more to make and loads more work. Punching all those holes one at a time. I am making one with outdoor lights as we speak. Cant wait to see it outside. And I have made one with white plastic cups from a vending machine and blue lights. I dont know what I thought of it. It was cool, but not sparkly

I found it hard to find the tumblers they used on the site. I did get them from a bar supplier and the are quite easy to crack. If you are an adult its OK. But if you are intending to share the project with kids they get frustrated. On the upside you use a lot less cups (50) and therefore need less lights too.

I will post a tutorial here soon showing the staple version and white cup.

Again please let me see your handywork and off course let the lovely people at sparkleball know… I am the first european sparkleballer – I am very proud… but I want everyone to feel the joy. Pass it on…


2 thoughts on “Even more about sparkle balls

  1. Hi Joni, Must try these out myself, they look fantastic! Just a quick note, the web address should read www. sparkleball.com, no s, took me a minute to find it but great. Thanks for the link.

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