Felt rolling machine

Well I have tried it here and there. I just don’t have room for my roller. The room I am working in is 3m by 4m and I have all my stuff in it. I tried moving things around, but because I use the room for so many different things the roller takes up too much room.

If the room was just for felting it wouldn’t be so bad or if I could move the roller on my own.

My partner reminded me that I haven’t used it since moving from my studio at the end of January and so I am going to sell it. I am reluctant to as I love it, but I am also aware that is going to get damaged shoved at the back of an already full cupboard and I don’t have any other storage.

Kev is right – it is an expensive bit of kit to just have tucked away.

I don’t know about you, but I have so much stuff I never use and so now is the time to clear some of it. I gave away a sewing machine last night. I have a chunky knitting machine about to go the same way.


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