Orkney – part 2

I am sorry for the huge  delay, but life is really getting in the way just now.

Have you ever experienced ‘ArtisanDar’ ? I think we all have. I was having a cup of tea at Scrabster waiting for the ferry and a lady walked in – I knew immediately she was heading for the Makers Day. She had on an amazing cardi and had the open, creative look of an artisan. When her friends joined her I was in no doubt.

This is not a spidie sense or even sixth sense. We just look different. I was with Greta at the IFA conference in Wales and it was easy to pick out the felters who were there to attend the weekend. This is off course a generalisation, but mostly true.

These ladies were wonderful. Eager to share, inspiring stories and work.

We sat together on the ferry and there was a lot of discussion and sharing. It was the perfect start to the event.

Hi-arts had arranged a drinks event in the Pier Arts Centre. They really couldn’t  have picked a better venue. For a start Stromness is beautiful. The minute you step off the boat you are aware the value art and it is part of the fabric of the place. On the waiting windows there is an amazing set of glass paintings casting mottled rainbows on the wall and floor.

The town is small with little cobbled winding streets that move up the hill quite steeply and curve up, down, round and in.

P06-10-09_09.09[01] P06-10-09_09.11[02]

There are lanes which lead to the shore and steps to take your breath away as you climb and climb.

P06-10-09_09.11 P06-10-09_09.11[01] P23-09-09_15.05[01] P06-10-09_09.06

There are also an unusually high concentration of galleries and craft shops.

P06-10-09_09.04[02] P06-10-09_09.04[03] P06-10-09_09.07[01] P06-10-09_09.20[01] P23-09-09_15.33

But I digress ( you will just have to have patience with me as Orkney is so dear to me that I can’t help waxing a little)

So we met at the pier arts centre. ( Pictures of the centre will appear in a later post) The mix of makers made for an enjoyable and interesting evening as we mingled catching names and listening to other peoples creative journeys. I was in heaven. I love all of this. ( not great at remembering the names- ooops)

By the time I had to get my bus I was happy as a sand lark and ready for my bed.


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