Gifted, Edinburgh.

I have been invited to exhibit at Gifted and I am so excited. I have been working on my collection and have a couple of pictures to share.gifted Earrings and ring Petrol blue necklace and earings red ring

I am loving working on these. I never thought I would enjoy jewellery, but I am finding it so exciting.They are not the norm……but I love how quirky they are and when I see some one wearing one around town I want to rush up and say tell them I made it. I don’t of course- that would be very strange.

Some of my collection will be on sale in my etsy store from tonight and more will follow. ( If I can hold on to it long enough as it is selling as I make it).

My friend Red2white makes wonderful long necklaces which are so colourful and Greta makes amazing jewellery too. It must be something in the air…………Christmas perhaps?



2 thoughts on “Gifted, Edinburgh.

  1. Joni, first, it is lovely to read your blog after your break in Orkney….
    Second, I LOVE your felte jewellery pieces – but you know it already :), and congratulations for exhibition ivite!
    I have been making some chunky necklaces and bracelets over the holidays too. It is a nice change from scarves and garments.

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