Felt rolling machine.

I bought a felt rolling machine from feltcrafts over a year ago. At first I really struggled with it and then I discovered the motor had been broken in transit. Once my new motor was fitted it was brilliant. I love being able to work on creating my next piece as the machine takes the work out of rolling.

At the time I had a studio in town, but since  I have moved into a room in our house ( thanks son – for moving out!) and haven’t been able to use it. The room is badly laid out and very cluttered. My intention was to get a shed and store stuff there or work in it. But life has totally got in the way.

I have put off lots of projects telling myself I will do them when the machine is set out, but never get there.

It is very frustrating.  It was an expensive bit of kit to just have it packed away.

So with this in mind ( and Christmas gifts) I am off to rearrange my room.


3 thoughts on “Felt rolling machine.

  1. I would love to see a picture of your rolling machine once you have it up and running. I wonder how much room those machines require. To be able to put more time and effort into design and layout would be wonderful. Enjoy!

  2. I’m tidying at the moment too so I know what it’s like but it will be great if you can actually free up some space for your machine!

  3. Thanks for dropping by the other day to view my messy work space! I have since gotten my gallery inventory off and cleaned up the place and now I’m onto (more) holiday items. Right now, I’m eager to be done with those and back to some more creative explorations with some beautiful fiber I found at the Western North Carolina Fiber Fair.

    I love your jewelry- went over to the etsy shop, too. Lovely and whimsical! I’m sitting here trying to figure out how you get those little spins and twirls. Must be heat…
    Also looked up the felt rolling machine. You’re brave. Seems a bit daunting to me but I’m also thinking it would be awfully nice for production felt for clothing and other expanses of cloth.

    I’ll stay tuned- it’s always interesting to me to follow the fiber arts world across the pond…frankly, I think you all are doing a better job of it.

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