Where does the time go?

Where has it gone?

I have been very busy lately, but still. A month has passed and it feels like barely a week.

I have a lot to blog – Orkney, Nuno workshop, gifted etc.  My work has taken a new direction too.

Where to start?

Orkney. As you know I went to Orkney as part off a Hi-arts makers day event.  (The hi-arts website is an amazing resource for crafts people and artists in the highlands)

It was a two day event with a drinks meet and greet the evening before. I was so excited that after years of banging on about how organised Orkney is, how the take arts, artists and makers seriously (which means I feel we are not organised or taken as seriously here on the mainland) we were actually going to take a look. To try to emulate some of what they are doing. They have something called The Craft Trail which I have watched grow with envy. Often feeling perhaps I should move back just for that.

I travelled up on the train to Scrabster and then on to Orkney with North Link Ferries. Before I even set foot on Orkney I was aware of the arts and crafts on offer on the island. At the train station in Thurso there were leaflets about The Craft Trail. Great start. I was dropped off at a small cafe in Scrabster to wait for the boat and there was a cabinet displaying local crafts. There was a large stand with leaflets from all sorts of makers and lots of posters.

Walking to the waiting room for the boat there were large glossy promotions on the heritage, arts, crafts, economy, wildlife, the majority being about crafts ( especially jewellery – Orkney has a huge amount of jewellery) Once in the waiting room there was a video and further promotion/leaflets.

On alighting the ferry there were three large cabinets of local jewellery

P06-10-09_10.34 P06-10-09_10.34[01] P06-10-09_10.35

In the shop there was Orkney soap, Bags, Bears, jewellery, fudge etc all made in Orkney on sale. As we left the boat and passed through the waiting room on Orkney there was an amazing cabinet. Off course there were loads of leaflets here too.

P23-09-09_14.50 P06-10-09_10.14[02] P06-10-09_10.14[05] P06-10-09_10.15[01]

So you can see that before you even set foot on Orkney soil you have already been exposed to the plethora of high quality arts and crafts in Orkney.

We are constantly being told about positioning, building a brand and consumer awareness. That people are more likely to buy a product they are already familiar with etc.  Well Orkney has nailed it.

I had a fist full of information including maps with where to buy and where to see things being made – In studio. As a studio lover and craft buyer I couldn’t wait to plan my trip.


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