It can’t be

NO….No …no

I had a little tickle yesterday in my throat. I took some honey and then forgot about it as I was so busy.

During the night by the tiles rattling ( we live in an attic) I was so hot I had to get up and get a drink of water. I didn’t feel very clever, but nothing to worrying.

This morning I woke at 5.30 with a raging sore throat. No No No.   I am preparing for Orkney and just can’t be ill. The trip to Orkney is going to be so so fantastic I just want to be on top form.

I should have known. I am organised……this means something must go wonky.

off to take some more honey and maybe a quick nap….

check this website…….


2 thoughts on “It can’t be

  1. Oh, NO! Joni, you must be fit! Make an exception and take some medcine too, next to the honey!!! Please! hugs, have been thinking about you, thought you are traveling today…

  2. Hope you had a GREAT workshop and your cold/flu magically vanished! Dying to see pictures from the workshop, if I hadn’t been away on my hols I would love to have participated.

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