Sex talk raises hits….


I have a computer geek friend. He is amazing and entertaining.

He told me to use a sexy word or double entendre  in my posts and my hits would shoot up. I didn’t believe him, but he insisted I try it.

A couple of days ago I wrote ‘sexy nuno’ I couldn’t do any more as it was making me squirm. My friend was trying to get me to drop in words with double meanings etc. I just couldn’t.

My hits for that day went through the roof. He was smug and thought I would be very impressed. He actually thought I would adopt this piece of amazing knowledge.

But why would I want more perverts dropping in on my blog and being disappointed?

What a funny old world. Let me know if you try it and it works. Allegedly there are a list of 100 top hit words somewhere out there.

( I am off to type in my own guilty buzz words…craft, felt, Nuno, dyeing……..ooohhhh)


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