Sexy Nuno. I love you

Oh how I love Nuno. I love felt, but I adore the subtle textures Nuno gives.

Felt can be so many things, but Nuno makes it sexy.

I love the feeling of wool and silk combined as well as the contrast in matt and shiny.

In fact it has all the things I adore….mixing colours, dyeing, silk painting, nuno felting, designing.  Yum yum yum.

This is the second skirt


I will photo the finished skirt when the light is better.


2 thoughts on “Sexy Nuno. I love you

  1. :D, this is so much you, Joni! That blue – haven’t I seen it somewhere? – and the contemporary look! Exquisite skirt, I like how well shaped it looks.

    • I am in a blue period. lol. I dyed two pieces of silk at the same time with the same procion mix, but then steamed one in the tumble just to see if it would work. It didnt and I had to paint it again. I wasn’t sure if they would come out the same, but phew they did.
      I then used acid dye on the 18.5 tops trying to get a cobalt blue and it came out very bright. So I had to dye more. The skirt took twice as long as it should.
      I then took my frustration out on it and over threw it. so it is tiny. Arg.

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