Ahh, Thats better.

Yesterday I just couldn’t get the shots of my earrings right. I spent ages trying different things , but wasn’t happy with even one shot.

I posted them on Etsy anyway as I need to move forward with my little shop., But now I will go in and replace them with these new pics.

one mintmulti2long mint2

one royal blue

pop 'n' pink 2

I am so much happier with these. Perhaps it is my upbringing in Orkney that makes me crave rocks, water and nature, what ever it is I am drawn to these elements in a big way.

Talking of Orkney…….The ‘Go see visits’ by Hi-arts is in Orkney next month. If you want to see some top notch organising and a brilliant arts/crafts community, then you need to come. There are travel grants available so there really is no excuse. We will be looking at the craft trail and then having a ‘makers day’ . I am very very excited. Because of seeing home and because it is so inspirational.

There will be a visit to the incredibly talented creative  sisters team – Hume sweet Hume in Westray. They have established a thriving business in on an island off the Orkney mainland. It will be invaluable to those of you who are in a remote area.

I am also taking a workshop in Nuno felting for the Saturday and Sunday straight after these visits. I am hoping a couple of others might want to put on a workshop in their medium (do you fancy it?).

Well must dash and change my pictures.

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