Shots of my work

I am so , so enjoying making jewelry and it’s great fun posting them on Etsy, but I am struggling with the  the photos and descriptions.

I have never made jewellery for sale before and have never really thought about how I would describe it, never mind how to photograph it.  I use the camera on my phone as ( believe it or not) it is way better than my camera) . I really, really, really want a digital SLR but lets not go into that.

I have spent the day trying out various ways of hanging earings. I have used some of my shots, but I can’t stand them. I much prefer using nature as a back drop and so I think I will try that tomorrow.

I tried using a start cut out

P17-08-09_2025[01] But as you can see it is awful.

P17-08-09_14.26[02] And then a glass. Yuk.  I think I am happiest out doors and so I can’t post any more items until tomorrow.


One thought on “Shots of my work

  1. hey chick. We’ve just invested in a DSLR camera, maybe we could meet up and do an Etsy Photo session – your products photographed with my camera….? It’s up you hun. I have soooooo much stuff i wanna tell you about and show you too, i think i may explode!

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