I had a couple of Etsy accounts which I have completely ignored. I closed two down today and  started to stock another.

It was lovely to spend time taking photos and thinking about what to write. I am making very contemporary felt jewellery and every time I wear it people want to buy it, so I thought I would try  putting some in my shop.

I am also selling it through a couple of galleries/shops, some as far away as London. I get a real kick thinking some one is out and about in big old London town with my jewellery on.

P15-08-09_1831[02] P26-07-09_15.20

It is so much fun making them. I have made felt jewellery before, but never really been happy with the outcome. I like all sorts of felt jewellery, especially bright textured pieces. But prefer the stuff I wear to be bold and contemporary. There isn’t a lot of it about and so made myself some to go with an outfit.

I have several old sketch books from college and I was just flicking through ( mainly laughing at my terrible ideas) when I found a silicone  development that sparked an idea. I don’t know about you, but when an idea pops into my head I find it hard to concentrate until I have at least explored the possibility and know it will work.

Kev came home expecting me to be ready to go visiting and food on the table, instead there was wool tops, water bowls, glue, silicone and a host of other crafty bits all over the kitchen. Not that he isn’t used to it, but I think he thought those days were behind us.

My dilemma now is packaging. I need to find some boxes and have had little joy.

I also love making felt balls. Love it.  What also fascinates me is the number of different ways there are to make felt balls.

I met with Red2white and Greta Bergman and they both used different methods to me and each other. I would love to hear how you make yours?  Perhaps I will write a tutorial on how I do mine….I am a perfectionist and like them to be perfectly round and exactly the same size.

I don’t know if anyone actually notices though…………

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