Belladrum tartan heart festival 2009

Woopla. What a weekend.

It was Belladrum tartan heart festival this weekend and it was GREAT. The best one yet.

The line up was very disappointing, but I don’t really go for the music.

We camp in the same place every year. It is the perfect pitch. On top of a hill ( if it rains this is important) not to close to water and loos, but close enough. Right slap bang in the middle of both entrances. We get a great view out over the camp site and are close to the emergency service corridor which gives easy access. ( I hate tripping over guy lines or cutting through other peoples camp sites)

This year we used wheelie bins to transport our stuff, its quite a hike and tents, tables and fancy dress weigh a ton. The bins were amazing. Once emptied we used them as storage and to sit on.Everyone will be at it next year!


We were very lucky as the weather was brilliant all weekend. There were two down pours, but they didn’t last long enough to dampen our spirits.

The food area was fantastic, I thought the prices were very good, £4 for an organic burger cooked fresh in front of you. There were specials for kids, with a healthy slant.

The bazaar was disappointing. Mostly the usual imported stuff which I am so bored off. There were a lot of felted items made with a rough fibre at low low prices. But it was good to see the likes of Anta doing well with their scarves, local potters selling lovely cups and some local bag makers. I love that Joe Gibbs keeps it local. Go Joe.

So to the really exciting bit……

I love fancy dress and take any opportunity to do it. So Belladrum is the highlight of my year. So far we have been cockroaches, tough shit, holy shit, bull shit and hot shit, wood nymphs and the like. This year there was a theme, nautical, well actually naughty-cal.

My friend came up with the brilliant idea to be gimp mermaids and so I set to and made them.

P06-08-09_18.33 P06-08-09_18.37P06-08-09_18.44

This is Eilidh with a gimp mermaid on holding her daughters jellyfish.

There is a competition every year and you can win tickets to next years festival…fins crossed.

We had a great time dressed up. The outfits were not tried on before hand and so we were unaware of just how much controversy they would cause.  Brilliant fun.

There was a new dance stage called mothers ruin with a cocktail bar.  Oh mojito yummyness. This rapidly became our favourite place in the heat.

There was a big kids area with yoga, their own disco, arts and crafts, kids comedy etc. Very good.

We also took our own craft stuff and made fish to decorate our camp. It was so lovely all sitting together out in the sun, chatting and making. No time worries and people /kids just coming and going.

It was over too quick and now I am back preparing for a visit to Orkney in September. ( maybe I can sneak in Loopallu)

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